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How to attract inquiries? It starts with a damn good website.

-Brittani Hon, Hustle & Flow

High-Conversion Website Package, $2400

Full website set up - includes hosting, domain name, & up to 6 pages

Consultation - questionnaire to get to know you, your business, your dream clients, & your goals 


Custom design - stand out in the crowds of photographers with a design that isn't a template anyone could download, but reflects your unique brand. based on your choice from 2 different mood boards


Powerful copy - written to speak directly to your dream client, to establish their trust in your abilities, and to convince them to act


SEO - optimize your on and off-page text to help get you found in search results by your dream clients

Complimentary high value opt-in - to grow your email list (where 66% of sales happen)

Full control over your site - either with a free tutorial after the launch or through affordable updates done by me

Automated & personal email responses - to inquiries & the opt-in, even if you're off in the desert or plane hopping

More freedom in your life & business - as your website takes on some of the workload and propels you forward toward your goals while you live your life

Strategic Branding

Strategy & design - includes worksheets & a brand kit. Complimentary with website

Brand Strategy Development - Questionnaires to help you truly understand your Ideal Client and help you find your Unique Brand Positioning through your unique strengths , and personal brand stories


Mood Boards - Choose from 3 mood boards showcasing typographies, graphics, and colors inspired by your brand strategy.

Logo Design - Choose from four (4) fully-designed primary logos on the first round of revision & two (2) secondary logos with a single revision

Personalized Brand Kit - Receive a PDF dictating how to use your refreshed logo with typography choices for headers and body text, a list of your brand colors in Hex & logo variation options including various color choices

Confidence - in your brand & in your strategy

1:1 Consultations, $75

If you already have a website, let's level it up

Two phone calls: An intro call & a development call so I can truly know you and your business.


Brand Strategy Development - Questionnaires to help you deeply understand your Ideal Client and help you find your Unique Brand Positioning through your unique strengths , and personal brand stories


Strategy PlanA downloadable document with actionable steps to create an online presence that works for you.

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Have a quick question? Check our most frequently asked questions.

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+ How does this process work?

Once you inquire through the form on the Book Now page, I will send you a proposal with more specific details, including date options, a contract, and an invoice all in one.

Once you select a start date, return the contract, and submit the invoice, then I will send you the worksheets or questionnaires to collect the information necessary for your project and must be completed & returned by your start date. 

The first few days of your project will be dedicated to the initial set up & design decisions. You will receive an email from Wix to create an account if you don't already have one and become an administrator on a new site.


The rest of the project timeline will be the development of your brand new website! After about 2 weeks, you will give your final proof and the website will be transferred over to you.

+ What website building platform do you use?

I prefer to use Wix! While it is not for every business, it's the most affordable and all-inclusive platform for business owners, and it gives you FULL CONTROL of your site after I finish with the design so you don't have to rely on me for upkeep if you don't want. You don't need many additional plug-ins, and there are no hidden fees. It comes with 2 automated emails triggered by forms on your site, 3 free email campaigns a month to your email list, and even a free app for your phone.

However, I am in the process of learning SquareSpace & ShowIt as well.

+ How does payment work?

I have two payment options.


Two Payments

To secure your project date, a 50% non refundable deposit is required upon signing the contract. I use HoneyBook for all my work flows, and they accept all major cards & direct payment from bank accounts. The final 50% is required before the transfer of the website. This saves you up to $100.

Monthly Payments

Website Package: $475 a month for 4 months

Branding: $225 a month for 4 months

Combo: $700 a month for 4 months

To secure your project date, the first payment is required upon signing the contract. I use HoneyBook for all my work flows, and they accept all major cards & direct payment from bank accounts.

+ How long does a project take?

Most projects take just 2 weeks, although it largely depends on your response time when it comes to supplying necessary information and feedback. After 3 weeks, your project term expires and your project will be left unfinished or shifted to the next available open time slot for an additional fee.

+ What if I need to cancel?

I understand that sometimes life happens and a project needs to be terminated. In those circumstances, you will be able to keep any work finished up until that point and will be relieved from the second payment. Your 50% deposit, however, is nonrefundable.

+ Do we need to meet in person?

Nope! This work is 100% remote. Most of our communication will be done through email, but I am also available for video and phone calls.

+ What if I don't like the design?

My job is to make sure you are overly happy with the product. You will be an essential part of the process from start to finish, and your approval is required for each section. If for any reason you are not satisfied, I will happily rework the project to match your vision.

+ Do I own my website and domain?

Once you give the final proof and payment, the entire site will be transferred to you and be under your ownership. I will remain on the site as an administrator in case of any issues or site updates you hire me to do.