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    5 Reasons To Use Wix For Your New Website

    So, you're looking for a new website huh?

    Maybe you can relate to this:

    • You've totally googled searched "wix vs wordpress 2020" and "wix vs Squarespace 2020" and "wordpress vs showit"

    • You need a website but you haven't even started yet because you can't pick which platform to use

    • Or you chose a platform based on what someone else was using, but it's expensive and hard to learn so now it just sits there half-finished, or not looking anything like you want

    • You signed up for a plan but didn't realize that you'd have to pay extra for plug-ins and features like pop-up windows and email marketing

    • Maybe you paid someone to make the website for you but you still don't understand how to use the website editor and you have to pay your web designer again and wait around for them to have time to update your site

    • You want something basic for now but with the option to expand to include features like accepting payments, adding a scheduling feature,

    • SEO? What's that?

    If any of this sounds like you, just know I FEEL YOU.

    The hardest part of getting a website might just be picking which platform to use. That's how I got started in the first place! I've even been tempted to change my platform, but the more I research, the more loyalty I feel for Wix for my new website owners or businesses with smaller budgets. And if my word's not enough, how about Macklemore launching his 2016 tour with Ryan Lewis with a Wix site, and Karlie Kloss's current site?

    Still not enough?

    Here are 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Sleep On Wix for Your New Website

    1. Easy to learn editing gives you full control over your site

    Your business is going to evolve - especially if you are just starting. You're going to want to launch new services, new marketing campaigns, update your pictures, change around your wording. You don't want to always be waiting on your designer/copywriter to be available to make these changes. With Wix, you can even quickly and easily edit your Mobile Friendly view option. Wix is the most user friendly editing platform out there and gives you full control over your site - the online spirit of your business.

    2. Plug-ins (& even basic email marketing) included

    On other platforms, you have to search (and usually pay) to add features that are necessary to running an online business. For example, with SquareSpace you have to pay just to have a pop-up screen. With ShowIt or WordPress, you have to use an external emailing platform for email marketing. With Wix, all of these are included for free and are made by the Wix developers so they are fully integrated and have a less chance of being unsafe or buggy.

    3. Affordable pricing with no hidden fees

    Wix has a wide range of plans, and with so many tools and plug-ins included, I am able to run my business with one of the most basic plans for just $13 a month. Plus, they run a 50% off deal every couple of months. If you decide to upgrade plans, they automatically include vouchers for $300 toward ads - a key part to online marketing. And if you want to accept payments through your site, their business plan allows you to do that 100% commission free.

    4. All-inclusive, easy to use dashboard to manage pretty much everything

    Web building dashboards can be hard to navigate. Wix lays it out super clearly so you can see your analytics, create email campaigns, get notifications for new subscribers, improve your SEO, & more.

    5. Easy-to-DIY SEO

    SEO is an absolute necessity on your website - it's how your future clients will find you in their search results. Wix takes you step-by-step through your SEO set up and improvement process, all for free. Even if you have a web designer set it up, you can easily go in and make changes yourself to test or add new keywords. The bigger Wix plans also include vouchers toward an additional plug-in called SiteBooster that improves your SEO even more.

    Bonus: Wix is constantly developing to improve. I'm currently beta testing their new Editor X and lemme tell you - it's good.

    Feeling better about which direction to go with your website? Good!

    The best news is - if you end up picking a platform you don't like, or if you and your business outgrow a certain platform, you can always change.

    Beore you go jump into your new site, make sure to save this blog post about how to use your website to grow your email list 24/7 365 days a year, and this blog post about how to attract, connect, and convert your dream clients on your website.

    If you love the sound of a Wix website, but want someone to set it up and give you a free tutorial on how to use it, then let's talk.