4 Day DIY Website Intensive

create a website & brand

that work for you



Do you have a website that looks pretty but doesn't do anything?

Have you been wasting time guessing at how to make a website that actually generates leads?

Is your website all about you and not your clients?

Are you asking your non-business friends to review your website instead of getting feedback from an industry expert?

Does your website make potential clients say this?

here's what i know you're craving

A website that speaks to your ideal clients & grows your email list

Quick training and proven strategies for you to implement & level up your site

Full control over your website to make effective updates as you and your business grow.

Downloadable info sheets and guides to use anytime you make changes.

Actionable feedback from an expert in the industry

The freedom to live your damn life while your website takes some work off your plate.

and more

who that?

Hey, I'm Molly.

I own a design studio called Merrow Design where I have branded and designed the websites for business owners in various industries (coaching, health, copywriting, photography, and more). My websites consistently grow traffic and email lists.

I have learned from industry leaders including: Hustle & Flow, Marie Forleo, Jamie Jensen, & Karrie Brady.

I get to road trip the country with my love, travel to Tahiti and New Zealand with my best friend, all while my website works for my business.

But it wasn't always like this.

Look back at the first five years after college. I was making websites for all my different business ventures (I tried blogging, photography, direct sales with makeup, performing music) but they weren't working. 

They may have looked pretty, but they didn't make my ideal client feel seen, they didn't grow my email list for me, they didn't do anything except waste my money. But because they didn't work, I found my passion for learning about not only web design but business strategy.

Since then, I have learned how to really know my ideal client and my unique brand position, and how to craft the layout, design, and text of my website to grow my email list and let me work with my dream clients. Or, ya know, travel the world.

& now I want to help you do the same.


4 Day DIY Website Intensive

4 days of live training & a week long mentorship

that will empower you to create a website/brand that attracts your dream clients, builds your email list, and works for you 24/7 365 days a year.


Live trainings (available to watch later)

Module 1: Monday April 6, 1pm MDT - Ideal Client

Module 2: Tuesday April 7, 1pm MDT - Brand Positioning

Module 3: Thursday March 26, 1pm MDT - Homepage, Header/Footer

Module 4: Friday March 27 1pm, MDT - Pricing, Contact Page, Opt-In


Free downloads available with each training



Friday April 10 - Friday April 17

Through email & google video chat

Available spots

I am only accepting the first FIFTEEN people so that I can give real 1:1 attention

Access & community

The facebook group & videos will stay up for at least 6 months.



what i will go over in this training

How to truly know your ideal client and write copy that speaks to them

How to find your unique brand position

How to create a brand design based on your brand strategy

How to use your website to build your email list

How to organize your website

What the goal of each web page is

What you should have on your pages: home, pricing, contact

What to have in your header & footer

How to craft a high-value opt-in

What to put in your contact form

Whether or not you should put your prices on your site

what we won't go over in this training

Which website platform to pick (this is totally individual preference)

How to make a logo

How to get traffic to your site

Tutorials for each specific site building platform (they already provide those for you)

You've come this far.

Take this time to invest in education that will continue to serve you for years to come.